Improving Outbound Sales


Are you not happy about how low your sales numbers are? You aren’t alone. Reports show that 79% of marketing never leads to sales. The question is, is there any way that your team can beat that average?

If you want to make the most of your outbound sales strategy, eliminating mistakes is a significant first step. Below are five common outbound sales mistakes that are easy to avoid.


Return to Work Strategies

Return to Work Strategies

Editor's Note - Every business and organization that we are in contact work are strategizing how best to have their employees return to work.  Everything from 100% in-person to full remote to some kind of hybrid are in play.  And as has been the "norm" for the last 18 months, NOTHING is staying the same.  This article talks about the basics of return to work with the key being staying flexible.

Smart business leaders take time to plan successful return to work strategies. They know many employees don’t want to come back, either out of caution or because they’re just plain loving their new freedom.

For the smoothest “back-to-office after work-from-home” transition, communication is everything. Do your due diligence on the ever-changing COVID-19 laws and guidelines, and make sure to familiarize yourself with some common return-to-work setups that can ease the change for your most valuable assets: your employees.

This article provides strategies for SMBs going back to the office after working remotely during the pandemic. As you get ready to bring your employees back to the office, keep these things in mind:

  • Assess your workforce

  • Future-proof your office
  • Support hygiene and distancing as you move forward


Computing Center Office Administrator Position

 The Computing Center is looking for a motivated individual to maintain our online store presences, track and manage online information, assist with accounts payable data entry, and as a customer service representative. This is a very active and diverse position with many aspects to it.


The skills we’re looking for:

  • Great presence in-person, on the phone, and electronically.
  • Meticulous and exacting relative to following procedures and while doing data entry.
  • Internet savvy - The ability to effectively handle several online sales systems.
  • Microsoft Excel skills with the ability to manipulate spreadsheets per procedures.
  • Ability to accurately handle inventory and assist with product shipments and customer returns.