Scam, Spam, & More Fraudulent Email

Fraud and scams delivered via spam email. Just when we thought this type of fraudulent email spam might be easing and our anti-spam and anti-malware software providers have tuned their algorithms "just right", we received two more just this week!  Ugh. 

Usually, we don't even read them, but the last name of the sender caught my eye:  GADDAFI in all caps.  As in Lybia's deceased strongman - Colonel Gaddafi.  Couldn't be, but I was curious (yes curiosity can get you into all kinds of cybersecurity hell, but I took some safety precausions).  Turns out the email itself was clean, but the intent was not! Here's the first couple paragraphs of the email:


The Best Virtual Conference Platforms

 12 Best Virtual Conference Platforms

Editors Note: Virtual Conference platforms are not the same as a Zoom or Cisco's Webex video call.  Although Zoom is popular in both spaces, virtual conferencing software and systems contain different features.  As you'll see here, many of the big names in this space are not well known.
Virtual events were big business even before the challenges of 2020 made them a necessary addition to many marketing plans. Pandemic or not, event industry insiders have made it clear that virtual conferences aren’t going away for a number of reasons. Benefits range from lower overall costs for everyone involved to easier networking for attendees.
How can you know which conference platform is the best for your needs? Check out our list of the top virtual conference solutions to pick the best option for your business.

What is a virtual conference platform?
A virtual conference platform is the technology used to host and promote a virtual event, an event held entirely online for anyone in the world to access or view from their computer or mobile device.
Better virtual conference platforms offer a holistic setup for events. You can register guests and market the event online, as well as host speakers and create networking spaces for attendees.