Scam, Spam, & More Fraudulent Email

Fraud and scams delivered via spam email. Just when we thought this type of fraudulent email spam might be easing and our anti-spam and anti-malware software providers have tuned their algorithms "just right", we received two more just this week!  Ugh. 

Usually, we don't even read them, but the last name of the sender caught my eye:  GADDAFI in all caps.  As in Lybia's deceased strongman - Colonel Gaddafi.  Couldn't be, but I was curious (yes curiosity can get you into all kinds of cybersecurity hell, but I took some safety precausions).  Turns out the email itself was clean, but the intent was not! Here's the first couple paragraphs of the email:

Dear friend,
Greetings,  I am the wife of the ex-Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the former and late leader of
Libya Colonel Muammar Gaddafi who was betrayed and embattled by Libyan
and murdered by the Libyan rebels which led to his untimely death. 

Since then, me and my children has been on travel ban, no access to
bank accounts  and we have been rendered homeless and at the same time we are
under threat and we are not allowed to
invest or operate bank account. I wrote this letter because
I need you to help me to secure some of my family funds, the sum of $100 Million that is deposited by my late husband in different security
companies abroad which is no longer safe under the name of my late
husband therefore I urgently need your help to transfer the amount to your bank account
and ones we start, first, the beneficiary name should be
immediately changed from my late husband name to your name through my
The rest of the email asks for the usual information including a form of identification.  As we've cautioned for many years - THIS IS A SCAM!
If nothing else, this scammer gets an "A-" for using a sort of recognizable name.  I got a laugh out of it and then sent the email off to Google's Fraud Department.  Yes - Ms. Gaddfi (or whoever) uses Gmail!
Be careful out there!!

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