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(Editors note: Ocassionally, we feature the Blogs and writings of local authors, Computing Center clients and others.)

Zach Shulman (the one who plays soccer) is a partner at Cayuga Venture Fund, teaches at the Johnson School of Management at Cornell, and is also the Director of Entrepreneurship@Cornell.  He maintains a Blog called Ithaca VC in which he writes about business, the local world of venture capital, and startups.  Here is a Blog entry that warms the heart of anyone who owns their own business, runs an organization, or dreams about doing so!

The Grind!

The other day I was guest lecturing in a class and described running a startup to be like swimming in a Shawshank River.  There is a constant flow of problems building a company, but at the end might be salvation!


Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks

(Editors Note - Here are some of the basics regarding intellectual property that you may have within your business.. Our good friends Mike Brown and Chris Michaels are local Patent Attorneys in Ithaca.  For more information about intellectual property, checkout their website at:


As an entrepreneur or aspiring small business owner, one of the most significant considerations that may come to mind is how to protect your work. What steps should you take to ensure that someone else couldn’t lay claim to what your product or service? Does a patent, copyright or trademark apply? Here’s some clarifying information about patents, copyrights and trademarks and how to protect your intellectual property. 

The U.S. Copyright Office provides a clear distinction between these three types of protection:

  • Patents protect inventions or discoveries
  • Copyright protects original works of authorship
  • Trademarks protect words, phrases, symbols or designs identifying the source of the goods or services of one party that distinguishes them from others


Cornell live Bird Cams

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During this spring, the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology has set up two live "Bird Cam" sites.  This is an extraordinary way for bird lovers and others to check-in live on bird nests.  There are a Great Blue Heron nest and Red Tail Hawk nest both being live-streamed 24x7.  Along with the video streaming, there is a live-chat available as well, where viewers from around the world can ask questions and post comments about the birds.  Hundreds of thousands of viewers from around the globe have checked into the sites.  

This is a fascinating use of video and audio technology along with the Internet that can reach professionals, educators, students, and the general public all at the same time. 

Here is the URL to the Red Tail Hawk Cam.  The Great Blue Heron Cam can be tabbed from that page - enjoy.

NYSEG issues customer data warning

New York State Electric and Gas has reported a possible data breach of its customer data files in recent days.  Since the majority of our clients are NYSEG customers, we are suggesting that everyone follow-up on this information.  

It appears that sensitive NYSEG and RG&E customer information was put in the hands of a third party company who was doing programming work for the company. That company apparently did not have adequate data security systems and procedures in place to full secure that data.  


New wine, cheese and bread CSA in town



There is a new CSA in Ithaca.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and there are now many CSAs available in our community.  The Finger Lakes Wine Center, one of our clients has created a new CSA just in time for the holidays. Here's more information on their program.

Have you wanted to expand your experience with Finger Lakes Wines? Do you love to sit down with your loved ones and enjoy wine, cheese, bread, and good conversation? Then the new Finger Lakes Wine Center CSA is for you.


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