Introducing Cayuga Health System


On Wednesday October 29, 2014, our friends at Cayuga Medical Center and Schuyler Hospital in Montour Falls announced their formal collaboration through the creation of Cayuga Health System. The Computing Center has worked with Cayuga Medical Center for many years and provides CMC with web and database programming services as well as hosting, intranet services, along with providing a myriad of other products and services. 

The creation of this regional health system is the culmination of a three year effort by both communities. It will allow for improved regional access to medical care, greater flexibility regarding access to specialized services, and other opportunities to better serve the health needs of our communities. Here is a link to the full news release: 

Links to the hospitals and Cayuga Health System:
Cayuga Health System Splash Page
Cayuga Medical Center
Schuyler Hospital

East Hill Flying Club Fall Harvest Breakfast

 Our friends at the East Hill Flying Club are having their Fall Harvest Fly-In Breakfast this Sunday 9/21 at the Tompkins County Regional Airport.  Eggs, New Hope pancakes with real New York State Maple syrup!  Airplanes, Cornell raptors, rides, and displays. Fun for the entire Family!  More info at

Going greener with Computer Technology

Our community prides itself in recycling efforts and having all our systems have more recycling options.  Here's an article from Microsoft that discusses what they and others in technology have been doing.

In the living world there’s no landfill; instead, materials flow. One species’ waste is another’s food. Energy is provided by the sun. Things grow, then die, and nutrients return to the soil safely, and it works.

As humans we’ve adopted a linear approach: we take, we make, and we dispose. A new phone comes out, so we ditch our old one. Our washing machine packs up so we buy another one. Each time we do this, we’re eating into a finite supply of resources and often producing toxic waste. It simply can’t work long term. So what can?


Transform Tompkins Exceeds Goal Raising over $1.7Million

Our friends at Tompkins County Area Development have exceeded their investment goal by raising more than $1.7Million.  The Computing Center is a Silver Sponsor of the campaign.

Ithaca, NY - May 12, 2014 - Tompkins County Area Development (TCAD) announced that their "Transform Tompkins" investment campaign exceeded its goal, raising more than $1.7 million. The campaign was publicly launched in February with an ambitious goal of $1.4 million. The investment will support initiatives and programs that will require operational support from TCAD. 

TCAD celebrated their 50th anniversary with the campaign success on May 9th at the 2014 Annual Report to the Community with over 130 business and community leaders.


Ithaca VC - The Grind!

(Editors note: Ocassionally, we feature the Blogs and writings of local authors, Computing Center clients and others.)

Zach Shulman (the one who plays soccer) is a partner at Cayuga Venture Fund, teaches at the Johnson School of Management at Cornell, and is also the Director of Entrepreneurship@Cornell.  He maintains a Blog called Ithaca VC in which he writes about business, the local world of venture capital, and startups.  Here is a Blog entry that warms the heart of anyone who owns their own business, runs an organization, or dreams about doing so!

The Grind!

The other day I was guest lecturing in a class and described running a startup to be like swimming in a Shawshank River.  There is a constant flow of problems building a company, but at the end might be salvation!


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