`Twas the Night Before Christmas (Aviation Style)

I know we have a few pilots, "wanna be" pilots and many passengers who read this Blog.  This "takeoff" on the poem `Twas the night before Christmas has been making the rounds of aviation websites and other publications for over 20 years. No one seems to know where it came from. Enjoy ...

 ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and out on the ramp,
Not an airplane was stirring, not even a Champ.
The aircraft were fastened to tie downs with care,
In hopes that -- come morning -- they all would be there.

The fuel trucks were nestled, all snug in their spots,
With gusts from two-forty at 39 knots.
I slumped at the fuel desk, now finally caught up,
And settled down comfortably, resting my butt.

When the radio lit up with noise and with chatter,
I turned up the scanner to see what was the matter.
A voice clearly heard over static and snow,
Called for clearance to land at the airport below.


Hospicare's 13th Annual Women Swimmin' on the 13th of August


The 13th Annual 
Women Swimmin for Hospicare 

August 13th, 2016


The Computing Center is a corporate sponsor of the 13th Annual Women Swimmin' event on Cayuga Lake.

The 13th annual Women Swimmin' for Hospicare will be held Sunday, August 13 at the Ithaca Yacht Club. On that morning more than 300 women will swim across Cayuga Lake to raise money for Hospicare. The women will be accompanied by almost 200 boaters. This is Hospicare's largest fundraising event of the year. The funds raised through Women Swimmin' make a significant difference in our ability to care for our community.

We supply computer technology and ongoing technical services to Hospicare for both the Ithaca and Cortland locations.

From more information, to volunteer or pledge support, checkout: womenswimmin.org

To learn more about Hospicare and Palliative Care Services: www.hospicare.org/



Racker Rivals Big Red 2016



For the third year, The Computing Center is a corporate sponsor supporting Racker Rivals BIg Red with 100% of the proceeds going to the fabulous work of Racker Centers in supporting people with disabilities. This hockey game brings some of Ithaca and Cornell University ice hockey luminaries together for an early evening of fun on the ice. Buy a ticket to the game and/or support a player. See you there!!


America's Independence Day Facts and Trivia

 It's Independence Day - time for a long weekend, barbeques, good weather (hopefully) and fireworks.  Did you know that only a few signers of the Declaration of Independence actually signed it on the Fourth of July?  Read on for more facts and trivia about America's birthday.

Ithaca Fireworks - photo by Larry Baum

Which President was born on July 4th?

Calvin Cooledge in 1872.  He was our 30th President


Which President(s) died on July 4th?

Three - John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe


When were fireworks first used to celebrate the 4th of July?

1777 in Philadelphia at the first annivesary. Congress chose fireworks as a way to celebrate along with bonfires and bells.


What other country celebrates its independence on July 4th?

The Phillipines - gained independence from the US in 1946


Some Trivia

  • Nathan's hotdog eating contest comes from a legend of four immigrants arguing over who was the most patriotic. They decided to have a hotdog eating contest because nothing says America more than excess.

  • About 155 million hotdogs are eaten and over 68 million cases of beer are consumed in the US on Independence Day!

  • Only one baseball no-hitter has ever been thrown on July 4th. Dave Righetti did it in 1983. The Yankees beat the Red Sox 4-0 on that day!

  • Only 2.5million people lived in America in 1776.

Enjoy the day!


Save the Date for CMC Foundation's 10th Anniversary Gala

Our friends at Cayuga Medical Center Foundation are holding their 10th Annivesary Gala 2015 on Saturday, September 12, 2015 at The Country Club of Ithaca.  The evening will start at 6pm and will include an open bar, life auction, delicious dinner, package drawings, and live music.

This year's proceeds will be directed to: Enhancement of the Cayuga Birthplace Neonatal Intensive Care Services.  These enhancements will enable families to deliver babies locally at Cayuga Medical Center from 7 1/2 monts to 9 months or (30 weeks gestation to full term). This also will open up possibilieis for delvery at CMC of premature twins and potentially triplets. 

For more information about Cayuga Birthplace at Cayuga Medical Center, checkout the link at: cayugamed.org/CBPhome.cfm

Cayuga Medical Center, Cayuga Medical Associates, and Schuyler Hospital are all clients of The Computing Cneter.  In addition to the speciailized technology needs of healthcare institutions we provide programming and data integration services of their websites.  For more information about Cayuga Medical Center see:  cayugamed.org/cmcindex.cfm


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