Computing Center Update - May 2021 We are Still Open!

Update - May 2021:

It's hard to believe that it's now been over one year since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the world. Below this post is our June 2020 posting telling our clients that we're open. We are very much still open.  Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm.

During this extraordinary past year, The Computing Center had to pivot our business model more than once to meet our clients needs.

  • As an essential business, we had figure out ways to have a number of our staff regularly come to the office and keep everyone safe and healthy. We created an office cleaning regimene, got everyone masks, found disenfectants that were in short supply for a while, and developed procedures for equipment dropoffs and pickups.
  • We needed to operate remotely which we knew how to do, but to do so with more of our staff AND many more of our clients also working remotely.  That turned out to be challenging, but our staff and our clients quickly detrmined the best ways to do so.
  • We and all the other business owners and management had to navigate the sometimes confusing and once-in-a-while contradictory governmental guidance and instructions. Rules changed- sometimes daily.  And early-on, there was no guidance. We found ourselves looking at the science and credible reports to determine what would work well for our staff.
  • As it became available, we embraced Covid-19 testing.  We leveraged the Cayuga Health System "Mall" drive-thru testing center where testing results was available typically in less than 24 hours. Anytime our staff or their families had any kind of exposure or just didn't feel good, we sent those working in the office home and we had people tested. That kept us on top of what was going on. Nearly all The Computing Center staff were tested, a few several times.  That system helped keep us healthy and reduced exposure.
  • In January, as the vaccines became available, we got vaccinated. 100% of The Computing Center staff are now fully Covid-19 vaccinated and so are most our staff's families. We did not mandate this, just encouraged and of course provided the extra time-off for the shots and for anyone who had reactions. By the way, reactions ranged from none-at-all, to mild fatigue, to a couple of people who needed to take a day off.

We learned alot over the past year:


People We Try To Do Business With

Our good friend, Zach Shulman, one of the managing partners of Cayuga Venture Fund wrote this short, but very to the point posting on his blog entitled: "Attributes of People I would Never Purposely Do Business With (although it could happen by accident)"!  Here's the Link: He wrote it in the context of a venture capital company and some of the young entrepreneurs that he works with.

For over 42 years, we at The Computing Center have worked with hundreds of businesses and organization and thousands of individuals. Nearly without exception, we have found the vast majority of our clients to be:

Mature, Kind, Understanding, Professional, Predicable, Straight Forward, Tactful, and Well Spoken. You understand what we're about, want carefully crafted and cogent answers to your questions, and the products and services that we provide at a fair price while delivered in a timely basis.  What you look for in us is the same thing we look for in you.  

It's truly been a joy to do what we do over these past four decades. And especially in 2020 when things have been so strange. We've gone the extra mile time and time again - so have you. We literally could not have accomplished all that we have in this extraordinary year without our client's understaning and support. More than once, we've provided solutions in ways that certainly haven't been "business as usual".  All of us and you have been incredibly creative in the midst of the pandemic.

Thank you from all of us at The Computing Center for your business, this year and always.

We hope that everyone has a safe, peaceful, prosperous, and most of all healthy, 2021.

The Computing Center's Status - October 2020

We still receive calls and texts nearly every week asking whether The Computing Center is open for business.  The simple answer is: YESWE ARE! WE NEVER CLOSED! 

  • All of our staff is here, available, trained, and very careful.  Anyone who may have had a direct or indirect exposure to someone with Covid-19 is being tested.
  • We're busy, the computer technology industry has been one of the "mainstays" during the Pandemic. 
  • We are helping business, organizations and individuals in setting up and operating secure and safe remote computing systems. 
  • Our service department is actively repairing equipment of all kinds. We're primarily doing that in-house, but do go on-site with proper precautions.
  • Our engineers are working remotely and going onsite as necessary.
  • We actively pickup and deliver computers, printers, and consumables all over Tompkins County and beyond.

We have worked very hard at staying safe and healthy. How did we do? We're happy to say - we pulled it off. (so far)! No one at Computing Center or any of our families became infected. We did have a couple of concerning situations where employees have been exposed to others testing positive, but after testing and/or quarantine all of our staff and their families are fine.

Today, we are all still healthy, the rules and recommendations are more consistent across all businesses, and we're helping many local businesses that were shuttered reopen and recover. Our technical staff still can and does work remotely, but we also go onsite.

When you come to our offices, (Please setup an appointment) you'll find:

  • "X" spots all over the office floor marking off 6' increments to help people socially distance.
  • If you're not already wearing a mask, you'll be asked to wear one - we have extras if you forget yours. (Ours are logoed!)
  • We'll take your temperature (and if it's above 100.4 degrees, you'll be gently asked to leave). We'll also ask you if you've been exposed to anyone that has been ill over the past two weeks.
  • If you haven't made an appointment, we'll ask you to sign-in.
  • If you bring in a PC, laptop, or printer with you, it will be wiped down with a disinfectent cloth before we work on it.
  • If you're just dropping off a machine, we have a work area just to the right of our interior lobby door where you can fill-out all the paperwork without having to come into the office.
  • The place is spotless - it gets cleaned and disinfected daily.

This is The Computing Center's version of the "new normal".  Everyone stay safe and healthy!

Please remember - Shop with locally owned businesses and organizations. That's how we will all get through this, survive and thrive.

Computing Center Participates in Moment of Movement

The Computing Center was pleased to be one of the sponsors of a "Moment of Movement" on Saturday September 26th at the Ithaca Tompkins International Airport that was held outside on the tarmac. Trudy Baum, spouse of Computing Center Founder, Larry Baum, joined popular FLX Fitclub instructor Chantelle Farmer and her team of senior instructors (Jenny Henion, Jessica Kerns, and Carrie Susskind) along with over two dozen participants from all over our community. Moment of Movement supports our community as parents and caregivers re-enter the workforce during COVID-19 and children migrate back to school.
The money raised goes towards the Ithaca Youth Bureau and the United Way of Tompkins County. These two important organizations successfully serve the needs of youth, parents, and caregivers in our community. We all know that childcare and other youth activities are incredibly important as our community recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and people return to work.

The airport worked with the Tompkins County Health Department to make sure all abided by NYS Guidelines for the in-person attendees. All exercise mats were placed 10+ feet apart. And with the nice breeze and beautiful weather, it was incredibly nice to be outside with many friends from around Ithaca.

The goal is to raise $100,000 collectively for the Ithaca Youth Bureau and The United Way of Tompkins County, both organizations will allocate the funds where they are needed most for programs and services that support our youth, parents, and caregivers in our community.

The Saturday live event is over, but you can still participate. The Livestreamed Video is available for through mid-October 2020 at:

To donate to this important cause:
•  The link to the giving page is
•  Donors can also call : 607-500-GIVE

Our Tech Department - We're here to help!

For over forty years, The Computing Center has been providing computer and repair services to our clients. In the early days, we repaired terminals and dot matrix printers.  Later on we repaired desktop PCs and the early laser printers.  Today, we repair and maintain all sorts of laptops, desktops, printers, and servers. Although we can work on most computer equipment, we specialize on Hewlett Packard, Apple, and Dell equipment.

 As important as the technical training, skills, an experience needed to properly repair computer equipment, so is understanding how clients feel about having their equipment being out of their procession while the repair takes place.

 By mid-August, we will see an influx of new people joining our community, typically to attend or be employed by Cornell, Ithaca College and TC3.  So our repair departments gets quite busy with new people and regulars.  However, in every situation, we work hard to have all clients feel important and special. 

 In today's circumstances, we've had to add procedures to keep our clients, ourselves, and your equipment safe and secure.


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