Mary Stazi - Talking Business over Coffee

The Computing Center and Mary Stazi were invited in late September to do a Podcast with Chet Osadshey, the Vice-President and General Manager of the Cayuga Radio Group in Ithaca.  In that podcast, Mary discusses our company, it's history, what we do, and the recent acquisition of the assets and employees of Sherpa Technogies, Inc.

Here's the Link to the entire Podcastt on WHCU:

While we were looking at the Podcast link, we noticed two additional Ithaca onnections:

  • The Podcast Series is sponsored by Ithaca Coffee Company, a long-time Ithaca Business and Computing Center client.
  • The Podcast itself is powered by SoundCloud. Part of Soundcloud's technology comes from an Ithaca based company that they acquired a couple of years ago.

If you're a new client of The Computing Center or wish to learn a bit more about us, this is a great overview of who we are and what we do.

The Computing Center acquires the assets of Sherpa Technologies, Inc.


The Computing Center acquires the assets of Sherpa Technologies, Inc

Ithaca, NY (September 8, 2017) - The Computing Center, an Ithaca, NY based computer technology systems integration company is pleased to announce that it has acquired the assets of Sherpa Technologies, Inc. The acquisition has been under discussion since May, 2017 and closed on September 6th.


Top Read eNews Blog Entries for 2016

It's always interesting and fun to look back on which Blog entries had the most views at the end of the year. Doing that gives us some idea what everyone is reading and helps us plan the content for the next year. Of course, there will also be plenty of material that "hasn't been invented yet" that we'll report on in 2017!.

Our eNews Blog content comes from The Computing Center staff, several of our manufacturer partners, and from assorted friends and other writers who make their content available to us to publish here. 

So, how did we do with you, our readers? Here are the Top 5 most viewed (and we hope read) Blog entries during the last 12 months:


Computing Center Becomes Certified Woman Business Enterprise

  The Computing Center is now a Certified New York State Woman Business Enterprise (WBE).  In January 2016, shortly after Mary Stazi became majority owner of the company and CEO, we applied for the WBE designation. In mid-August we received notice from NYS that our certification was approved.

What does this mean?  WBE certifications prove that organizations are truly woman owned and that the owner has the technical, managerial, and financial acumen that is expected of the owner and CEO.  The certifications are provided by the New York State Department of Economic Development.  Many governmental agencies and other public entities within New York are required or encouraged to acquire between 20 and 30% of their goods and services from minority or women owned enterprises.

There are not many computer technology companies within New York State that are woman or minority owned.  A number of our existing clients have been asking us when the certification would be complete and helped us in the process.  Within the program, The Computing Center can provide our entire line of computer products, mobile devices, network systems, software, consumables (printer toners and inks),  repair services, and our full line-up of onsite and remotely managed services.  


Mary Stazi Becomes Majority Owner of The Computing Center

As of January 1, 2016, Mary Stazi became majority owner of The Computing Center and its Chief Executive Officer  (CEO).  At the bottom of this post is our complete news release.  Mary came to company in 1986 as one of the company's sales people. This was when we were located in Lansing Village Place in front of Pyramid Mall and desktop computers were sold mostly via retail.  She advanced as the company grew becoming expert in network design, product offerings, licensing, and business operations.  Mary have been operating President since 2004.  

As CEO and majority shareholder, Mary intends for the company to apply for and gain a NYS Women Owned Business (WBE) designation.  There are not many technology companies that are women owned which have our great depth of technical and business expertise and experience.  The WBE designation will allow The Computing Center to better leverage computer manufacturer and distributer programs for all our clients.  It will also allow us to better serve public sector and other clients which may have WBE and MWBE requirments.


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