Disasters do happen here

Over the years at The Computing Center, we’ve cautioned many of our clients to have some kind of plan in case of a disaster.  Or we’ve recommended that clients make changes to their system environment that could be beneficial in the event of a fire, flood, or other natural or man-made catastrophe.  To be candid, we get quite a bit of push back.  Comments like:

  • “Nothing like that will happen to us.  Our building is secure and safe.”
  • “We do backups of our data.  What else do we need?”
  • “We have insurance, just in case!”  (Our insurance clients NEVER say that!)

These past few weeks have shown that our corner of Central New York is not immune to the wrath of Mother Nature.  Two tropical storms dumped record amounts of rain on our friends to the south in Tioga and Broome Counties.  Even at this writing, there are still homes and business that are not fully pumped out.  There is tons of mud and debris to deal with and people are still without utilities.  All of our local human service agencies as well as hundreds of volunteers are spending many hours providing greatly needed donations of food, clothing, money and time to help support and rebuild the affected areas.  


Hurricane Irene Preparations

Although it’s unlikely that Ithaca and the immediate area will be in the direct path of whatever is left of Hurricane Irene when it gets up here, we might have some high winds and rain.  Here are some basic preparedness ideas for this and any major storm.  

  • Family Communications Plan – Write down critical cell and landline numbers in case your phone dies. Know where you will meet if cell towers and landline phones go out. Designate an out-of-area relative everyone should contact if they can’t reach each other.


Computing Center team ties for 3rd in Chamber tournament

The Computing Center's "truly" amateur golf team of Scott Prasek, Scott Zinzola, Darren and Jared  Clark finished tied for 3rd in this year's Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament shooting a spectacular 63 in rain soaked conditions. Unlike several of the teams who finished ahead of The Computing Center, none of our players play every day during the summer. Or that, at least, is the hope of Computing Center management!!  

In a tongue-in-cheek statement an unamed Computing Center executive remarked: "Several of the so-called winning teams had ringers on their teams, players who spend their entire summers on the golf course!  At least our guys mostly work for a living!"

The proceeds from the tournament go to the good works of our local chamber of commerce including supporting the business and organizations which create most of the new jobs in Tompkins County, support initiatives that lower the costs of doing business, and in promoting our community.  The golf tournament is a great way for businesses and organizations of all sizes to get together for an event where everyone has a great time and are able to support an organzation that we all believe in.

Computing Center website phase 2 completed

The second phase of The Computing Center's new website is now complete. Our full Business EDGE News system is up and running. Daily and weekly updates with timely information regarding business solutions, technology information, computer industry news, and happenings in our local community are available.  In addition there's a link to the CBS Interactive, CNET news feed with all of today's technologies headlines which is continuously updated. Our top news stories are also located right on our home page.

The idea for Business EDGE News came from several of our clients. We've been asked about how best to find searchable archives of our eNewsletter articles, stories and other articles regarding specific categories or topics of information on how best to leverage computer technologies within business and organizations as well as a searchable running history of what goes on within our industry. We took those ideas, coupled them with some of our own, found the right piece of software to manage it, customized it to our needs and developed a great solution.  


Computing Center Phones are down

 The Computing Center phones are down at the moment.  We are working with our phone provider to get them restored as quickly as possible.  Please email any one or us or use sales@compcenter.com with your requests.  We will get back to you via cellphone or email a quickly as possible.  

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