Mary Stazi Becomes Majority Owner of The Computing Center

As of January 1, 2016, Mary Stazi became majority owner of The Computing Center and its Chief Executive Officer  (CEO).  At the bottom of this post is our complete news release.  Mary came to company in 1986 as one of the company's sales people. This was when we were located in Lansing Village Place in front of Pyramid Mall and desktop computers were sold mostly via retail.  She advanced as the company grew becoming expert in network design, product offerings, licensing, and business operations.  Mary have been operating President since 2004.  

As CEO and majority shareholder, Mary intends for the company to apply for and gain a NYS Women Owned Business (WBE) designation.  There are not many technology companies that are women owned which have our great depth of technical and business expertise and experience.  The WBE designation will allow The Computing Center to better leverage computer manufacturer and distributer programs for all our clients.  It will also allow us to better serve public sector and other clients which may have WBE and MWBE requirments.


Top Viewed Articles for the Year

As 2015 draws to a close, it's fun to look back and see what happened in the year just ending as well as prepare for the year that's upcoming.  We've been operating our eNews site for several years and occassionally we look back at our own internal statistics to see what you have been reading.  Our content comes from The Computing Center staff, several of our manufacturer partners and from assorted friends and other writers who make their content available to us to publish here. 

So, how are we did we do with you our readers. We'll start with the Top 5 most viewed (and we hope read) Articles during the last 12 months:


Computing Center wins Cornell Supplier Recognition Award

The Computing Center has been recognized with a Cornell University Top Performer Supplier Recognition Award for 2015. The awards were presented to Becky Martin and Mary Stazi at the Supplier Recognition Event hosted by Cornell Procurement Services in June.

This is the fourth year that Cornell has made awards to its top performing suppliers and the third year in a row that Computing Center has won a Top Performer Award. These awards recognize the companies that have consistently performed best in product and service quality, pricing, order fulfillment, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility. Cornell campus customers are invited to evaluate supplier performance through a customer satisfaction survey. Cornell is one of the first universities to recognize suppliers in this way. 

The Computing Center has been a local supplier to Cornell since 1980.  In addition to many products and services we provide to Cornell, The Computing Center is the primary supplier to the University for computer printer toners and inks. Since 2012, we have annually procured, managed, delivered, and helped recycle over 10,000 printer toners and ink cartridges to the University. 

IC EdTech Day - March 19th

The Computing Center will be participating in the 25th Annual Education Technology Day at Ithaca College on Thursday, March 19th. We will be working with our friends from Hewlett Packard showing their latest tablets, notebooks and computer systems. 

Ed Tech Day is a regional technology event that attracts over 1,600 people annually from the upstate New York region. National manufacturers will be in attendance  including Adobe Systems, Apple, Dell, Epson, Hewlett Packard, and Microsoft.

While one of the primary audiences for the event is the higher education community, the event is open to everyone.  There is plenty of information that is of interest to K-12 education, the business and not-for-profit communities. At the event you'll be able to talk directly with representatives from major computer and technology manufactuerers and suppliers, explore educational applications, learn how technology is being used today in and outside of higher education and see what can be expected in the coming years. 

The 2015 show will take place on Thursday, March 19, 2015, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in the Emerson Suites and adjoining areas of the Campus Center at Ithaca College. The show features a Vendor Technology Showcase, a College Showcase, and a series of seminars. 


Entrepreneurship in Ithaca -- Competing with Silicon Valley

It's been a good month for Ithaca in the national press.  Lots of articles about our community.  The one that caught our eye is a story from CNN Money entitled "Can Ithaca, NY compete with Silicon Valley?"  

Although the obvious answer appears to be "No", the reality is that good ideas and great companies can happen nearly anywhere. So why not here?  For decades, startups of all kinds have begun in Ithaca.  Inventions out of Cornell and from the minds of local entreprenuers have created companies that have thrived in our community.


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