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(Editors Note - Here are some of the basics regarding intellectual property that you may have within your business.. Our good friends Mike Brown and Chris Michaels are local Patent Attorneys in Ithaca.  For more information about intellectual property, checkout their website at:


As an entrepreneur or aspiring small business owner, one of the most significant considerations that may come to mind is how to protect your work. What steps should you take to ensure that someone else couldn’t lay claim to what your product or service? Does a patent, copyright or trademark apply? Here’s some clarifying information about patents, copyrights and trademarks and how to protect your intellectual property. 

The U.S. Copyright Office provides a clear distinction between these three types of protection:

  • Patents protect inventions or discoveries
  • Copyright protects original works of authorship
  • Trademarks protect words, phrases, symbols or designs identifying the source of the goods or services of one party that distinguishes them from others


#hashtags 101

It’s a simple symbol: two lines intersecting two lines. It’s been called the number sign, the pound sign and the hash mark. It’s used for different purposes in linguistics, mathematics and computing. Of course, we’re talking about the # symbol. It’s a simple sign, but one with growing influence.
Today, the # symbol is used to create “hashtags” in social media posts on sites like Twitter and Facebook. A hashtag is the # symbol followed by a word or phrase.
Hashtags create a system for grouping messages and allow social media users to see content, such as tweets, from people they do not follow. If you search #cats on Twitter, you’ll see cat content from around the world—and there is a lot of it.
Exploring topics using hashtags is simple. On Facebook and Twitter, hashtags are clickable—so you just have to select the hashtag within a post to view more about that topic. You can also search using hashtags (as opposed to traditional keywords), but there is a difference between keyword and hashtag queries. A hashtag is usually written without spacing and might not contain normal words. That means searches for “#ILoveCats” and “I love cats” will generate different results.
When you use hashtags, you’re more than simply sending a message into a larger pool for others to see; you are joining a conversation. Whether referring to sporting events, political affairs or breaking news, your voice can be heard.


Now: An unrepeatable miracle

Grab it, exhaust it, drain it, until there ís nothing left
Now is a miracle! It is also unrepeatable. But most people spend 58 minutes of every hour living somewhere other than right here, right now. They look backwards and live in the past, regretting lost joys and feeling guilt for things done badly both of which are useless and debilitating activities. Or, they live in the future, which they either long for or dread. In doing so,
they miss the miracle of NOW - this minute!
How about you? Missed any miracles lately?
Did you decide not to go swimming, even though you were at the beach, because you just had your hair done?
Did you buy the conservative navy-blue tie rather than the more debonair salmon-colored one because the navy wouldnít show stains?
Did you stay off the dance floor even when the band played your favorite song just because no other couples were dancing?
Did you pout and make it a miserable day for yourself because your presentation at the staff meeting didnít go as well as you hoped?
Did you tell your kids, "Later, I'm busy" and continue brooding about that huge repair bill when they asked you to play with them?
We've all made mistakes like these and failed to live fully when we had the chance. But berating ourselves for it is also a waste of time. Far better to just grab the next moment before we miss that too! And when you grab it, hangon. Exhaust it. Drain it of its juices. Don't give it back until there ís nothing left. Otherwise you might create your own version of a very sad story about a young man who was about to be executed for a crime.


Surge Protector Product Recall














APC Surge Protection Devices Manufactured before 2003

The devices listed above may overheat under abnormal electrical conditions posing a possible fire hazard to persons and equipment.

For additional information and to make a claim for a free replacement product:

  • Visit
  • Call Schneider Electric at 888-437-4007 daily during business hours
  • Contact The Computing Center at 607-257-3524


Keeping it Simple

(Editor's note:  Occassionally we find articles and Blog posts from other corners of the world.  Here's an interesting view from a blogger in Australia.)

Over the past few months, the concepts of stripping back the superfluous, simplifying and pulling apart the true meaning of integrity have been strong personal themes. For many people, there's a drive to again inspect old patterns that continue to run happily in the background despite years of self-examination. Perhaps under the direction of a new global energy, there's a sense of being able to lovingly let go of those things that have served us all well on one level, yet have offered excuses to stay small on another. 

I came across Don Miguel Ruiz's "The Four Agreements" the other day and it strongly resonated with this desire to pare back; to simplify; to become more real as a participant in this world and begin operating in a more authentic way.  


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