Watch out for job scams

Our friends at the Better Business Bureau sent out this post regarding job posting scams.  Hard to believe that there are those who will prey on those seeking employment.  Like everything these days, it pays to be vigilant. 

A savvy job seeker always checks out a business before going on an interview. But what happens when that company's name is just a cover for a scam? 

How the Scam Works:

An increasing amount of scammers are using the names of legitimate businesses and organizations to lure in job seekers.

In one recent example, scammers posted a help wanted ad on Craigslist for an opportunity at the real, Virginia-based "Association of Corporate Travel Executives."  When job hunters responded to the ad, imposters sent them checks to deposit. Consumers were told keep a portion of the check as their pay and to wire the rest to a third party via Western Union. Of course, the checks never cleared, and victims were out the money.

In another variation, scammers stole the name of a Better Business Bureau accredited, Ohio-based business FBN Construction LLC. Scammers sent emails to local consumers promoting a job opportunity at the company and encouraging applicants to fill out an online form on a fake website. The form asked for personal information, opening job seekers up to identity theft.


Father's Day is coming!

Dear Family:

Sunday, June 17, 2012 is Father’s Day.  As you know, Father’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year.  A day off of work including “No Yard Work” is just heavenly.  Someone else running the grill for dinner is wonderful as well.  Even Dads like to be pampered – once in a while!

Generally, I’m not one to who’s particularly interested in extravagant gifts.  However, just in case… here’s a list of potential items that fits any of your budgets:

Technology devices

  • Anything from Apple – Virtually every device with an “i” in front of it from Apple is on my hit list of wants, needs, and loves.  The new Apple TV seems really cool. There are also dozens of accessories from iPad covers to Bluetooth interconnects.
  • Android phones and tablets.  Not for me, but some other Dads really like them.
  • Even with my iPad, a Kindle book reader is also a great gift and quite inexpensive.  Kindles are fabulous for reading out in bright sunlight.
  • eBooks – Amazon, Apple, and Google all have them.


If I only read my junk mail

(Editor's Note:  We have known Jane Cage for well over 20 years as a business owner and now the Chief Operating Officer of Heartland Technology Solutions.  She's based in Joplin Missouri and has been very active in her community rebuilding after the devestating tornado in 2011.  It's really nice to see that Jane has kept her sense of humor.)

 If I only read my junk mail, I wouldn’t be writing this article in English. I could have "Fluency in Spanish in ten days?" or I could "Learn Japanese Rapidly" by "Utilizing our sneaky linguistic secret".  

If I only read my junk mail, I would be a better communicator by "Breaking Bad Communication Habits" and learning to "Be a mentor & Teacher". I could even "Learn Psychology completely online."  

If I only read my junk mail, I would have more cash in my pocket because I could "Avoid Pain at the Pump" and "Get a Free Shoes!" I could get "30% off select furniture" and an whopping "85% on Printer Ink –Shipping On Us."


Apple Macintosh viruses reported

April 1st – the day when all sorts of jokes, stories, and elaborate hoaxes are played on the public by venerated news organizations, manufacturers, the government, and of course from the Internet.  Our friends at Google launched a fantastic new product based on Morse Code.  NOT!!

However, this past April, an issue that has been around for a while created quite a media stir and wasn't a joke.  Apple Macintosh computers getting viruses or more precisely a thing called a “Flashback Trojan Horse”.   Thousands of words were written about over 600,000 Mac computers being attacked by malicious malware code.  We had quite a few clients call us and bring-in their Macs – just to check.

So, is this real, a big deal, or not?  Some facts and suggestions:

The first thing to understand is yes, this particular issue is real.  However, the infection of 600,000 computers is actually quite small.  There are literally millions of Apple OS X licenses out there.  Not as many as PCs, but as these things go, this infection is pretty minor.  Our shop checked a number of client Macintoshes and we checked all of The Computing Center’s own machines.  Not one of them had the Flashback Trojan.


Why settle for fine?

Editor's Note - We have known Laura for over 10 years as a computer systems integration business owner, entrepreneur, and prolific writer.

Have you ever said, “I’m fine” rather than, “I’m great”? How about when you’ve gone to a restaurant and said the food was fine rather than it’s wonderful and yet you kept going back to that same place rather than find another restaurant that had better food and service and perhaps even a better price? Fine to me means that it is just satisfactory. That the experience just meets my minimum requirements for that interaction. I don’t know about you, but I prefer my life to be filled with exceptional experiences whenever possible especially if it is possible for me to shift the experience with just a little effort.

I was talking to my mom the other day, she recently had open heart surgery and is recovering at our house, and I asked her how she was feeling. She said she was fine but when I prodded her for a deeper answer she said she had a headache and she was in pain. Comparatively, she was fine to where she had been a few weeks prior, but she really wasn’t fine. A couple of Tylenol and about 20 minutes later she felt great. You could even see it in her eyes. Why are we willing to settle for fine when we can be great?

All it took for great to happen in this case was Mom being willing to admit what wasn’t great and then analyze if there was a way to change fine to great. I have found that 99% of the time it is that easy to move from fine to great, wonderful, awesome or even just to good. In a restaurant, it may mean sending the salad back if you asked for it with no dressing and it came out laden with dressing or engaging the wait staff in a conversation and asking their name to let them know you appreciate them. Watch how your service improves with just that little bit of attention on your part.


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