Improve your eMails

Every day we see emails that we wish we could rewrite or not be included because of  a "reply all".  Read on for some tips on how to make your emails look more professional, more to the point, and increase the likelihood that they will be read.

Every day, inboxes are packed with more than one billion emails. For small businesses, the challenge to set yourself apart and establish what your business represents in a single email can feel daunting, but it’s easier than you think.

Follow these five simple—yet highly effective—strategies to convert the customer, close the sale, build your brand and continue to build your small business through effective use of business email.

  1. Create a custom email address for your business—Show you mean business, and get taken seriously with aproperly formatted email address. If you use your personal email, you’re not communicating all the potential your business has to offer. Instead, format your email


Microsoft Windows 95 - 20 Years Later

Twenty years ago, on August 24, 1995 Microsoft Windows 95 hit the market. It was perhaps the biggest Windows release of them all. This was the first Windows release that REALLY worked and worked well.  In many ways. it caught Microsoft up with what Apple had been doing for almost 10 years before. 

Windows 95— August 24,1995

When it came out, we were quite skeptical.  A number of our clients were very happy with Window 3.1 and didn't really want to change.  But Windows 95 was a lot faster and it wasn't long before many of the applications companies were rewriting their code to operate on their 32 bit platform. So somewhat grudgingly, we started seeing the move away from the older versions of Windows and those who were even further back still using MS-DOS (remember that).  So with WIndows 95, the vast majority of Microsoft users were finally brought into the graphical world.  


Using Location Services Safely

Editors's Note - We speak with clients and friends all the time about their smartphones and tablets regarding the data on them and what might happen to important information should that device be lost or stolen.  In addition, it's possible that your phone may be giving away your location unbeknownst to you.  Something to think about.

Does your phone know where you are? If you've used your phone to find directions or locate a nearby restaurant, you've used its global positioning system (GPS) and it's likely that it would be able to pinpoint your location within a close range.

Location services can be convenient for automatically adding location information (geotags) to photos. Some people also use location services to post their locations to social networking sites, such as Facebook. Be aware, however, that others can use your location information, too.


Heads up! Microsoft Server 2003 Support Ends in July!

July 14 is Bastille day!  It's also the day that support ends for a Microsoft server system!  Here's what you can do about it.

You built your business with your own hands. Running, and growing, your business often means long days and late nights.

Wouldn't you do anything to protect it?

Microsoft has announced that on July 14, 2015 support is ending for Windows Server 2003. If your business is running on this legacy server after July 14, 2015, you could be at risk.

Your business and your employees could be affected. If your business-critical applications—such as payroll, accounting, HR, inventory, email and CRM—are running on Windows Server 2003, your business is at risk.

Your customers could be affected. Does your business accept credit cards? You’ll be out of PCI compliance if you are still using Windows Server 2003.

So, what to do? The Computing Center can help you.  We'll identify the applications and workloads that are effected, make recommendations for the target destination, which could be Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure, Cloud OS or Office 365 or other technology.  We can then plan plan and manage your migration.


Check yourself before sending that email

Editor's Note - How many times have you received an email and wondered what the sender was thinking when they wrote it? Before any email gets sent a content review usually makes sense.  Here are some additional tips.

Despite the numerous means of communication, email is still heavily relied upon to deliver messages in the business world, especially for remote workers. Even in the office, it often seems easier to shoot off emails to colleagues instead of walking the 50 feet to their desk. If email is replacing some basic human interactions, we need to pay more attention to how we’re using it.

When composing an email, it’s often easy to forget there’s a human on the other side. You should manually check the tone of each and every message you send to make sure you’re communicating your message in the most effective way possible, leaving less room for misinterpretation.


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