Hewlett Packard's recent announcements

A lot has happened since Hewlett Packard (HP) made a number of strategic announcements last Thursday, August 18.  Over the weekend and into Monday, we read dozens of news reports regarding what HP said, what it’s doing, what they are planning on doing.  Additionally we spoke with various HP representatives throughout the company regarding the meaning of the announcements and what the future would hold.  Frankly a lot of what was in the news is speculation and some of it is just plain incorrect.   In this article, we are addressing the hardware side of HP’s announcement.  The Autonomy transaction will not affect most of The Computing Center’s client base.

The Computing Center is an HP Elite small and medium business partner and has done business with them since 1982, before the first HP Laserjet.  Our partnership with HP and our goal with all our vendors is to bring the best in products and services to our clients. So, we’ve sifted through what Hewlett Packard has announced, what’s fact, what’s fiction, and what’s just speculation on the part of so called “experts”.  To the best of our knowledge here’s what’s going on and how it may affect some of our clients:


How well do you know your network?

Editors Note - Although written by our friends at Axxys Technologies, this fits very closely with the experiences that The Computing Center engineers see every day.

New client engagements are an exciting venture as they pose new challenges that our team is always ready to take on. Over the many years we have been serving the business community there continues to be a common theme among companies that view IT as nothing more than a necessary toolset for accomplishing various business tasks; a lack of technology records and maintenance. Here are a few of the first items we look at when assessing the use of IT within any business: documentation, data/server room, and age of computers.

Do you have access to a basic network diagram of your infrastructure?
Do you a diagram of all the equipment and their role in the server room/data closet?
Who maintains administrative passwords and are there multiple sources with this information?

When performing an initial assessment this basic information about the network is necessary, but if it is not readily available it can take up to 2 - 3 hours to get familiar with the network before any solid change recommendations can be made. Making a change to the network, or applications, without proper documentation is taking quite a risk. This is a really simple piece of the IT puzzle and if you don’t have proper documentation then STRESS to your IT partner, or administrator, to provide it for you to have on file. Once you have it, it should be reviewed and updated at least once a quarter.


It's only a small leak!

Technology is advancing. It is no longer a matter of "I am not sure if we need technology in our business." but rather, "How much technology do we need?" Information technology (IT) is happening all around you and as the manufacturers make software, products, and applications easier for your employees to use, it is getting more complex for you to manage. So maybe you have come to the place where you know that to be effective you need to have a certified professional involved in the process. It's like the old story of dad trying to fix the leaking water pipe, only to find himself soaked with a torrent of water pouring out. Mom knows he might be able to fix it- eventually, but she picks up the phone and calls the plumber. Even though the plumber might cost more than doing it themselves, it will be far cheaper in the long run!

The kitchen sink is leaking and too many companies are trying to fix it themselves. The only problem is it isn't water leaking out (or pouring as the case may be) it is your hard earned dollars. Successful companies know that allocating and then managing an IT budget is a normal part of doing business.


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