A New Perspective on Robots

(NewsUSA) - Throughout the years, technology has improved drastically - creating machines and devices that were unimaginable 50 years ago. And perhaps the most advanced and interesting of society's technological advancements is robots - but it is also the most misunderstood.

In fact, according to recent Pew Research, more than 70 percent of Americans express concern about a world in which machines perform many of the tasks done by humans.

Fortunately, there are people who believe humans and robots can coexist and work together in harmony and are working to debunk many of the fears people have about them.

Mouser Electronics Inc., a leading semiconductor and electronics component distributor based in Fort Worth, TX, and celebrity engineer Grant Imahara, have teamed up again for the fourth consecutive year for their Empowering Innovation Together program.


How to Separate Tech News from Tech Drivel!

Editors Note: This is a good review of some of the better tech news sites. There are many sites, especially on social media, that are essentially clickbait - and nothing more. Some of this list are more general and lay-person while others are very technical. This article comes from Hewlett Packard, so there's a natural HP bias.

Tech news today is everywhere. Technology is on an exponential moonshot curve straight up. New advances in health care, space travel, computers, convenience, and gadgets pop up like high-speed dandelions. How can we make sure to read the right stories and dodge the hype?

The biggest problem with today’s top trending technology news? You can’t trust all of it. Titles like “scientists create mutant zombie dogs” and “new technique may cure Alzheimer's disease” should cause vigorous head-scratching. It’s tough to sift the wheat from the chaff, but there’s an excellent way to stay on top of it.

How do you get tech news?

Online news is a game of eyeballs, where web publishers battle for advertising dollars. “Sensational” can beat “true,” and that’s a big incentive to bend the truth. Luckily, the best outlets know they’ll win on high-quality content that serves up realHow to Separate Tech News Today from Tech Drivel value. So, for the best tech news without the bunk, stick to top trusted sources in the digital world.
We’ve stitched up a list of the juiciest, most popular, and most reliable trending technology news sites on the web. See them ranked below, with readership and social media data to boot. We’ve gathered in the top news apps too, so you can pull them all together for news on tech for your home, business, gadgets, health care, space, and more.


Facial Recognition - Don't Be Afraid

Ways that faceprint technology is making a better world.

Your face is getting a lot of attention—whether you want it to or not. Facial recognition technology isn’t new, but it is rapidly becoming one of the most robust forms of biometric identification that can be used to determine who you are.

It’s highly likely that you’re already using your faceprint as an ID. All the big wireless carriers offer at least one phone that you can unlock with a glance; if your company has invested in biometric authentication, your face allows you to access your computer using Windows Hello; and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram (or, more ominously, the government) can filter photos of your face without your permission or knowledge.


Machine Learning & Deep Learning 101


Need a primer? Here’s what you need to know about AI’s most buzzed-about fields

The term “artificial intelligence” has been around since the 1950s, but it’s taken more than half a century for it to finally have a transformative impact on everyday life.

But why? And why now? The short answer is that we finally have computers that are strong enough, data that is extensive enough, and learning models that are advanced enough to power the rapid growth of intelligent machines.

Andrew Ng, chief scientist at China’s search giant Baidu and one of the heads of the Google Brain project, put the recent AI explosion in easy-to-understand terms: “I think AI is akin to building a rocket ship. You need a huge engine and a lot of fuel,” he told Wired Magazine. “If you have a large engine and a tiny amount of fuel, you won’t make it to orbit. If you have a tiny engine and a ton of fuel, you can’t even lift off. To build a rocket you need a huge engine and a lot of fuel.”

But before we rocket off to space, let’s look at two of the most talked-about areas of AI back here on earth: machine learning and its subset, deep learning.


BlockChains - The Basics

BitCoins, digital currencies and Blockchain are all over the news these days. Is this a good thing and what's it all mean? This article discusses the basics of the technology and how it may affect the way we all do business in the relative near future. 

Blockchain—a digital ledger shared across a computer network. So what is blockchain, why is it generating so much buzz, and what does it mean for your business both now and in the future? Here’s a crash course.

What is blockchain?

First implemented to conduct transactions using the digital currency bitcoin, a blockchain is a digital ledger, distributed across a global network of computers, which permanently records digital transactions. Bitcoin isn’t saved in a file somewhere; it’s represented by transactions recorded in a blockchain—sort of like a global spreadsheet. Every 10 minutes, all transactions conducted are verified, cleared, and stored in a block that is linked to the preceding block, creating a chain. Each block must refer to the preceding block in order to be valid.


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