Could you be fooled by a robot on the phone?

The prospect of artificial intelligences (AIs) that can get away with fooling humans is leading experts to question whether it's time to regulate telemarketing phone calls from robots.

Wendell Wallach, author of A Dangerous Master and senior adviser to The Hastings Center, says new laws may be needed as the lines between humans and simulations of human activity get blurred.

"If you're basically intelligent you still should be able to deduce when you're talking with a bot," he says. "But perhaps that space is closing more quickly than we would think. I wonder whether we're going to need to signal that it's not a human."

Wallach believes it could still be some time before an AI could phone you up and dupe you into thinking it was a person for long. "There'll be all kinds of inversions of grammar," he says.


Universal Translator Coming Soon - Maybe

My friends know that I've been watching Star Trek since the 1960s. The series featured great stories and fantastic techologies, all of which all seemed very normal in the 23rd century.  What is truly amazing is that some of those technologies that were pure science fiction in the 1960s have been invented and are in use today. Think of the today's smartphones. In many ways they are way ahead of the "communicator"  envisioned in Star Trek.

Here's a new techology straight our of Star Trek that caught my eye.


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