Strengthening eMail marketing

Business-to-Business (B2B) is one of the most effective email marketing strategy to date. However, just as it is important to understand every other marketing campaign, it’s crucial for a business owner to learn the intricate facets of B2B email marketing before employing it.

Getting started, you will have to research the right company or person to contact. Don’t work your way to the top, asking a lesser staff about the higher-ups. Simply find the person who makes the call and decides for the company. If anything goes, contact the CEO directly. When dealing with larger companies, you will have to be more persistent so that your business concerns don’t end up in general email accounts.


You already knew, only you did not want me to speak it

 I was watching a really old episode of Stargate SG-1 and that line was spoken.  The context was when one person was on trial for something he had done in the past and was being defended by another.  It got me thinking.  How many times do we know things but refuse to acknowledge them or reject them as false when someone else raises them up to us?

As a business owner and consultant I often had to tell clients things we discovered in their business that were not easy things to talk about.  And the reverse is I also had to hear things from staff and others that I did not want to hear.  One of the most difficult conversations I had to have with a client was when my staff told me the reason there were so many repeat problems on one of the computers there was due to an executive in the firm going to explicit websites.  They didn’t want to say anything to the client because they didn’t want to rock the boat. I had to weigh what the impact on our relationship with the client would be if we spoke up and also how it might affect their business if we did or didn’t speak up.

We talked for quite a while and you could see that they were finally ready to acknowledge the problem. Sadly, readiness happened after they spent a lot of money that did not need to be spent.  Has that ever been you?  Were you unwilling to face the reality of what someone was telling you because it would create friction, cause a confrontation with someone, or make you change something you were doing?  Did you know something about yourself that you refused to deal with because you did not want to admit you had a problem with it or with someone?


Drop me in Dubuque - I'll survive anywhere

Schmitz's reputation was legend! They said, and rightly so, you could drop Schmitz off in any city in the U.S. at nine in the morning, and by 5 p.m. Schmitz would have made at least one sale. Schmitz was not only a great sales-person, but a fully functioning, totally independent survivor! 

When a young rookie salesman heard about Schmitz and the "drop me in Dubuque challenge", he became intrigued and inspired. Wow, he thought. That's the kind of life I want no matter what happens, to know I'll survive! Over the years he strived to improve his skills so he could say "Drop me in Dubuque and I'll sell!" No leads, no referrals, no centers of influence, no money, no support, no contacts and no help! Just a good product, an honest presentation and the feeling of total confidence in himself. Before long his chance came to be a "Schmitz." Not only did he make a sale, he made four sales! The local manager could hardly believe it. His best producers working in their own territory hardly sold four a week, and here's a stranger getting four orders in his first day in town!