Can Your Business Survive a Disaster?

We heard it this past week: "Nothing will happen to my business!"  "The weather here is not that bad!"  "All my company's important information is in my head!"  
Our community was just incredibly fortunate.  We escaped Hurricane "Sandy"!  Nothing much happened here.  However, just a hundred miles to our southeast, people and businesses were not so lucky.  People lost their lives. Billions of dollars of business and infrastructure have been damaged and destroyed.  It will take weeks, months, and in some cases years to assess all the damage and to rebuild.  
The reality is that too many of our clients are not prepared to deal with a hurricane, fire, flood, or blizzard; all of which have happened right here in Central New York in the very recent past.  A few businesses have failed because of those disasters. On the one hand, we don't want people to go around being scared, but without any planning or forethought, you are just rolling the dice.


No More Boring Meetings

Editor's Note:  There are meetings, then there are "meetings".  You know, the ones you just hate to attend and have an overwhelming feeling of deja vu!  Here's some good ides of how to organize and lead better (and shorter) meetings!

Ah, the workplace meeting. The reassuring buzz of fluorescent lights. The frigidity of over-air conditioned conference rooms. The rumble of pre-lunch hunger pangs. As if all of these features weren’t delightful enough, you also get the inevitable mix of personality types, poor social skills and politicking that give workplace meetings their negative reputation.
According to a survey, 47 percent of respondents noted meetings as the biggest workplace time waster [1]. That beats out the Internet, which was listed as a time waster by only 18 percent of respondents.
The workplace meeting doesn’t have to be a time suck by default. By applying some meeting management dexterity, you can help ensure that your group sessions do what they’re supposed to do: get things done.


What is BYOD?


A new acronym has been popping up in businesses  and business technology recently -  BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. It’s  starting to become a hot topic of late because more and more businesses are allowing employees to bring in their own smartphones, notebooks, tablets, etc.  This trend can be attributed to the development of cloud technology and smartphones, specifically the iPhone, due to their ability to view and share documents anywhere.


Watch out for job scams

Our friends at the Better Business Bureau sent out this post regarding job posting scams.  Hard to believe that there are those who will prey on those seeking employment.  Like everything these days, it pays to be vigilant. 

A savvy job seeker always checks out a business before going on an interview. But what happens when that company's name is just a cover for a scam? 

How the Scam Works:

An increasing amount of scammers are using the names of legitimate businesses and organizations to lure in job seekers.

In one recent example, scammers posted a help wanted ad on Craigslist for an opportunity at the real, Virginia-based "Association of Corporate Travel Executives."  When job hunters responded to the ad, imposters sent them checks to deposit. Consumers were told keep a portion of the check as their pay and to wire the rest to a third party via Western Union. Of course, the checks never cleared, and victims were out the money.

In another variation, scammers stole the name of a Better Business Bureau accredited, Ohio-based business FBN Construction LLC. Scammers sent emails to local consumers promoting a job opportunity at the company and encouraging applicants to fill out an online form on a fake website. The form asked for personal information, opening job seekers up to identity theft.


6 million Linkedin passwords compromised

Linkedin has confirmed that over 6 Million of its passwords have been compromised.  Below is information regarding the breach from a LinkedIn director's Blog.

So, what should you do now:

1.  Login to your Linkedin account directly (via the website, not via any link) and change your password.


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