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Educational Institutions and Governmental Agencies

Many times software manufacturers provide special pricing for software for students, teachers, schools, as well as for local and state governments. And as with the private sector, there are specialty software companies which create software specifically for education or government. We can assist you in getting the very best prices and tailor software specifically to your organization's needs.

Not for Profits

Many not-for-profit agencies can enjoy some of the most generous pricing from software publishers. Many publishers choose to distribute through TechSoup, an organization that all not-for-profit agencies should become familiar with. We can assist with setup, licensing counts, renewals and the best way to obtain the software you need.

The Computing Center is much more than just a product reseller. Our entire organization is geared to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients. We have certified network engineers, system analysts, project managers, and programmers on staff in addition to our hardware technicians

Some of the software companies with which we are affiliated:

AVG                      Axcient                  DoubleTake               HP                       Labtech                  McAfee                   Microsoft Logo                                    Symantec                 VMWare

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