Repair and Service

At the Computing Center we stand behind every product that we sell. We also service virtually every brand of server, computer, printer or other device whether we sold it to you or not.

The Computing Center is a CompTIA A+ Authorized Service Center. Click here for some of the certifications that The Computing Center and our personnel hold.


We service both hardware and software issues on most makes and models of computers. We find that many times, computer problems are caused by viruses and malware which isn't covered under any warranty program.

For computer warranty repairs, we are an authorized service center.

Rates and Charges for Billable Computer Repairs

For warranty computer repair please call us at 607-257-3524 for warranty verification.

In-house: Hourly rate is $70.00 an hour with a minimum estimate charge of $70.00

Onsite: Hourly rate is $85.00 an hour plus travel time with a minimum charge of $85.00

Please note: Most manufacturers' warranties do not cover problems related to software, configuration, viruses, malware or problems caused by users. Warranties also do not cover backing up or restoration of data, or installation of operating systems and/or applications. We are happy to provide these services for you at our hourly rates.

Depending on the type of repair required you may be asked to provide:

  • Proof of purchase for warranty claims
  • Application software
  • Operating system software
  • Software license numbers

All laptops requiring service must be accompanied by an AC adaptor. 

IBM  leveno  HP  Dell  Toshiba


Printers require regular servicing to maintain their high quality performance. We provide printer supplies, and contract services with full maintenance through our Business EDGE Services.

For printer warranty repair, we are an authorized service center for:


For out of warranty repairs: We service most brands and models of printers. Please call in advance to check parts availability.

Rates and Charges for Billable Printer Repairs

In-house:  Hourly rate is $80.00 an hour with a minimum charge of $80.00

Onsite: Hourly rate is $95.00 an hour plus travel time with a minimum charge of $95.00

HP   Xerox   Epson   Lexmark   OKI   Canon   Panasonic

Peripheral and Other Device repair

The Computing Center services all types of computer peripheral products including but not linited to monitors, disk drive systems, scanners, switches and routers. In-house repairs are performed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Turn-around time is dependent upon in-house workload and technician availability. In some cases the equipment must be shipped to the manufacturer's depot for service. Some of the brands we service are:

Anchor Cloud             Axcient                  Canon                    Dell                     HP                       Intronis                 Labtech                  Lenovo                   Microsoft Partner        NEC                      Panasonic                Sonicwall                Toshiba                  XEROX

Please contact our service department with any questions:

Disk Drive Data Recovery

For hard drive data recovery, the Computing Center has partnered with DriveSavers. If you believe that a drive has failed, contact our service department at 607-257-3524 and we'll help you evaluate your situation and disk drive. For additional information and to receive your free data recovery estimate call 1-800-440-1904 or go directly to their website: Please reference the following number to receive your special Computing Center client discount: DS12734.

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Free Evaluations
Drive Savers offers free evaluations. Once a recovery project is set up you can send a drive to us and we call you back in 1-2 Business Days with the news. At that time we will have evaluated the drive and will provide a cost to recover. You then have the option to proceed with the data recovery service or not. If declined, we return ship the drive without charge and the evaluation is absolutely free. If we get the 'go ahead' we complete the recovery in the 3-4 Business Days.

Insurance Coverage for Data Recovery Services

There is a shift taking place in the insurance industry for both home-owners and renters insurance policy holders where they will often cover the cost to recover data. It may be covered under 'loss of intellectual property' or 'loss of important papers and documents'. Of course it can be a great option but a high deductible may be a deterrent. It's certainly worth looking into as more frequently we are seeing that coverage is being provided. We recently did a recovery for a student who has lost his thesis and his recovery was covered completely by his renter's insurance policy.

If your business is covered with a 'business continuity' or 'business interruption' clause in your insurance, the data recovery service may be covered. Some businesses have coverage for such events as they cannot move forward since the data is business critical. Please check with your insurer to verify coverage

Data Security

We know the security of your data is of the utmost importance and DriveSavers has invested heavily across our operations to ensure a strict security protocol. In addition to adhering to the highest US Government Security protocols, DriveSavers has also earned SAS 70 Type II certification giving you and your clients the peace of mind that our facility and processes meet the most stringent security requirements. For further information kindly reference Additionally our engineers are certified as forensic investigators by Encase, Access FTK and Paraben.